Erotic Massage

When you are tired after a whole week of work schedule that zap your energy, what put you back bubbling with energy is an erotic massage. More and more people are finding this as a unique way of charging themselves with energy to enjoy the weekend and get ready for another week of tight schedules. An erotic massage should be done by an expert with a gentleness that can release hormones in the body and arouse them to have a wonderful time with their spouse or lover.

The skin in human body is supplied with numerous nerve endings. The very act of retrieving our finger from a candle flame or pulling our leg when we run a thorn in a fraction of a second has major involvement of these nerve endings. Gentle kneading of this nerve ending with some aromatic oils poured on the skin, particularly on the shoulder and lower back can help the body to relax and do away with all the tensions that piled up for the whole week in work.

Basics about Erotic Massage

To do an erotic massage one need not to be an expert like a masseuse. A hand that has gentle movements, know about the erogenous areas of the lover and an atmosphere created for the massage is enough to take the lover to enjoy new heights in sexual pleasure and enjoying the same for self in the process. In a world where people run behind the clock and some time even ahead of that may reduce the libido to take some initiative for sex. For them erotic massage is a very useful way to arouse them and to make them involved in the love making.

Erotic Massage Focus Areas

Erotic Massage Budapest HungaryThere are some key areas to be focuses for erotic massage. For a woman it is the breasts and the pubis area. As for men it is the genitals that arouse him. It is done either as foreplay before sex, during the sex to heighten the pleasure or after sex as a final act. Doctors specializing in sexology advice erotic massage as a therapy for those who have issues like less libido and premature ejaculation in men and in some woman who are frigid. As for a normal couple it is to add variety to their sexual act, particularly in the weekends to indulge in sex without any inhibitions.

Heightening Sexual Pleasure and Erotic Massage

As mentioned earlier, gentle movements of fingers in a circular motion aided by some aromatic oils on the breast of the woman drive her to a frenzy state. But if you are doing this for the first time, do learn about the technique from an expert before you try them on your lover or spouse. Do not expect a spontaneous result as depicted in some sex videos; they are paid to act the part. The same circular motions, more gently, applies for the erotic massage for the pubis area. As for men, gentle rubbing the penis and genitals will do the trick. There is another version of erotic massage where in the woman rubs her breasts starting from the chest to move downwards to the genitals and gently squeezing the penis by placing them between the breasts. Experts say this is the best way to arouse a man through erotic massage.