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Nuru massage

Nuru MassageAre you looking for ways to unwind? Is the beautiful culture, food, and scenery of Budapest not distracting enough for you? Do you wish to disconnect and feel at peace at a whole new level? Well, you might find it all in a place you never expected to- i.e., an erotic massage parlor.

You heard it right. Food and landmarks aren’t the only things Budapest is known for. Instead, the Nuru Massage Budapest parlors deliver are quite famous too. Among the various parlors that deliver this service and various other types of massages in our massage parlor.

What do we offer?

Here are a few things that set our massage parlor apart:

A serene and convenient location

Our massage parlor is located  close to the city center of Budapest. This part of town can easily be accessed by the tube as well as the tram. This makes it one of the most accessible and convenient places for people to visit. Not to mention that the nice location is home to various other distractions for you to enjoy before and after your Nuru massage.

Exclusivity and discreetness

Not everyone wishes to tell the world that they are availing a Nuru massage. Not that there is anything wrong with it per se. However, we understand the need for discreetness. This is why the parlor is very discreet, and hence no one would know where you are going from to street. Additionally, we offer exclusive services. Therefore, you won’t get to see a huge crowd in our parlors. Instead, you will have minimal interaction with other people. Our focus is to give you the most exotic experience without breaching your privacy more than we have to.

Variety of masseuses

Nuru MassageYou get to choose who performs the Nuru massage Budapest parlor offers. We have various masseuses on board with us. Each of them is highly skilled at what they do. They are known in the industry for professionalism and quality service. You can choose which masseuse you avail your Nuru massage from. Book an appointment and get your services from your desired person.

What is Nuru massage?

For those of you who are not well versed on the different types of erotic massages, you might not be fully aware of what a Nuru Massage is. After all, it is not always depicted in the most positive light. Well, a Nuru massage is not sexual at all. In this massage, a slippery material is used on the body of the one massaged. The masseuse then slides on the body. This element makes it similar to a body to body massage. The major difference between the two is the material used. In slippery body to body massage, oil is used on the body. On the other hand, Nuru massage makes use of a special Nuru gel.


Opt for the Nuru massage Budapest delivers to experience the outstanding feeling first hand. It is hard to do justice to the feeling of getting such a massage. But, know that it is relaxing for sure.

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