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Body Massage

The Best Body To Body Massage In Budapest

 Body Massage Budapest is culturally a very rich city which is why thousands of people make their way to this beautiful city every year. The city is famous for its history and architecture. There are many sights to see but it is certainly not a tireless experience. Such rigorous sightseeing can leave your body aching and begging for relaxation. Fortunately, there is one more thing that Budapest has to offer and that is its Massage House. Massage House is a place where you can expect to achieve the ultimate level of relaxation. Many tourists keep a day reserved for Massage House as it is one of the best experiences and attractions of this city. The best part is that you can reach this place easily through tubes or trams as it is just about 5 minutes away from the Nyugati Railway station. 

Massage House In Budapest 

Massage House has a wide range of massages to offer to their customers which includes their extremely famous and liked, Body To Body massage. They offer slippery body to body massage as well as that which is done with their special Nuru gel. The duration that they offer for massages is 45 minutes or 90 minutes. Many tourists choose to make use of their top quality services. Along with this, they also offer couples massage which is extremely relaxing and also promotes feelings of trust and peace within the couples. It is a good option to sign up for a couples massage with your significant other as a valentine gift or a surprise date night. People also choose this as a gift for friends who are about to get married as their bachelor’s party gift because of how tranquil the experience is. 

What Does This Massage House Have To Offer?

You can expect the following things when you visit the Massage House to avail their highest quality services:


  • Extremely Experienced Staff 


The masseuses are extremely well trained and have expertise in massaging. You can rest assured that all their masseuses are female and that they know exactly what they are doing. 


  • A Very Relaxing Time 


Massage House offers amazing services with their exclusively designed parlor with individual rooms. Whatever duration you choose, 45 or 90 minutes, it can be guaranteed that they will be minutes of pure bliss and tranquility for you. 


  • Great Customer Service 


Body massageTheir staff is highly professional and trained to get rid of any and all concerns you may have. Massage House cares deeply about providing the best customer service and you can rest assured that you will not leave their parlor disappointed. 

Massage House has a lot to offer with the most hygienic and top quality products they use, their trained and professional masseuses, an extremely relaxing experience that they provide, and of course, great customer service. Anyone who is looking for a day to unwind and relax, wants to take their significant other for a bonding experience, wants to get rid of tension in their body or is looking for a good bachelor party gift for their buddy should definitely try Massage House located in Budapest.

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage Budapest

Nuru MassageBudapest has been an attraction for tourism for a very long time because of its cultural richness and deeply fascinating architecture. But there is one more attraction that many people are not familiar with and that is the Massage House in Budapest. It could be an amazing addition to one’s vacation plans in Budapest as touring can be quite tiring. You have to walk quite a lot when you go sightseeing and what is a better way to unwind and relax after it than to get a massage? The Massage House has a lot to offer that can help you forget your stresses and worries. These include Nuru massage, body to body massage and slippery massage. We will, however, be primarily focusing on the very famous massage of theirs, called the Nuru Massage and tell you all about what it has to offer. 

What Is Nuru Massage?

Nuru Massage is an extremely exclusive massage that is done with Nuru Gel and not oils. The gel is extremely cooling and relaxing and it is perfect for anyone trying to get rid of their physical and mental tiredness. This massage is very popular in the Japanese Culture and is very famous there for its numerous health benefits. The Massage House offers separate rooms and not cabins to their customers. The massage can be either taken for 45 minutes or 90 minutes. The female masseuses do an amazing job as they are highly skilled and trained.  

Where Is The Massage House Located?

One good news is that the Massage House is located only 5 minutes away from the Nyugati (west) Railway Station and thus is easily accessible. One can very conveniently get there by taking a tube or tram. 

Benefits Of The Nuru Massage

There are numerous benefits that come with this massage. Some of these are listed below:

  1. It Is Highly Tranquil 

The massaging experience is amazingly peaceful. As you let the masseuses do their work, all your troubles seem to fade away completely and you come out extremely fresh. 

  1. Great For Couples  

Nuru Massage BudapestThe Massage House offers couples massage as well. It is said that when couples get this massage together, their bond is strengthened. Many partners tend to gift each other couples massage as a birthday or a valentine day gift. 

  1. An Amazing Gift 

There are so many people that tend to give this massage as a gift. This is specifically common among friends who give it to their other friends who are about to get married. It works great for a bachelor party gift. 

The Nuru Massage is well-suited for many, ranging from friends, partners, and spouses to tourists. It has highly relaxing properties which make the experience extremely desirable to many who need to unwind or are physically or emotionally exhausted. Not to mention the fact that the Massage House is extremely accessible due to its location. People who visit or live in Budapest should definitely not miss out on such a splendid experience that provides comfort, promotes good health and is extremely positive overall.

Amazing Massage

Get The Most Amazing Massage In Budapest 

 Amazing Massage Massage House, located in Budapest is one of the most popular massage parlor. It is situated in Budapest, 5 minutes from the Nyugati (West) Railway station. It is known for having a variety of massage programs which suits a customer’s needs and desires. The masseuses working at the Massage House are very well trained and have lots of experience in their field of work, which is why they know exactly what their customer wants. 

Massages are beneficial for not only our body but also for the peace of our minds. Masseuses at the Massage House understand that and provide their clients and customers with a relaxing and calm environment. The parlor is not only popular for its amazing services but also because of its cleanliness and hygiene. 

Following are the types of massages offered at the Massage House:

  • Erotic Massages
  • Lingam Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • Erotic Massages for couples
  • Tantra Massage


This massage is one of the most popular, it is different from others because a lot of different techniques are used in this by our masseuses. This massage is done by applying a warm natural oil all over your body, the technique used in this is that masseuses gently stroke the body, which helps the body relax and let go of the stress. 

It has three types:

  • Sensual Massage
  • Slippery Massage
  • Nuru Massage

 Amazing Massage SENSUAL MASSAGE:

Sensual massage is different from others because it involves gentle strokes. The masseuse does not apply a lot of power or force in rubbing the muscles. 


This massage has a different technique used, as this a whole body to body massage. The masseuse applies oil to her own body and then using body parts like chest and stomach areas, applies it on the client. 


This massage is very similar to a slippery massage. The only difference is that the masseuse uses Nuru Gel instead of an oil. 


This massage is recommended for men who face medical problems like premature ejaculation or even sterility. It is a therapeutic massage but it is not a whole body massage. This massage targets the pubic region of a men. 

 Amazing Massage YONI MASSAGE:

Yoni massages are especially designed for women only. These messages target the erogenous areas of a women body, which our masseuses have a lot of idea about. The technique is to use light and gentles strokes, to give a wholesome experience by applying natural scented oil made especially for Yoni massages. 


Prostate is located under the pubic region of a man. Many men, in their 30’s start facing medical issues, so these massages help them by increasing blood circulation and reducing swelling. 


These massages are a perfect gift for couples on Valentine’s or Anniversaries! These include two masseuses who will give slow, light and gentle stokes to both the partners, in order to relax them and have a good experience together. 


Tantra massage is for the senses and to awaken the soul. So it is perfect for those who need to connect with their inner selves.

Amazing Massage


EROTIC MASSAGES Massages are one of the most effective ways of relaxing your body and muscles. People have different reasons to go to massage parlors, some want to get rid of the stress and relax, some want to clear their minds and some want their old energy back. Whichever the reason may be, massages help a lot, and are very beneficial for both our mental health and body.

Following are some of the benefits of getting a massage:


One of the most significant benefits of getting a massage is that it increases blood circulation by rubbing and putting pressure on muscles. 


This is one of the most popular reasons why people prefer massages. It helps them relax and reduces anxiety. Not only this, but regular whole body massages can also cure insomnia and make a person felt energetic again, hence reducing depression.


How many times is that we unintentionally fall asleep in a wrong position, and the morning after that our muscles are literally all crammed up and stiffed? Massages are a great way to get rid of the pain and stiffness in the muscles. 


Other than all the internal benefits, a massage also helps in bringing a glow to the skin. A frequent whole body massage can help you achieve that flawless and smooth skin you desire. Massages remove dead skin through constant rubbing, which helps the skin look healthy and fresh. 

Massages at the Massage House are very exclusive. Out of all the types of massages that we offer, the Erotic Massage is one of the most popular one. 


The Massage House offers three different types of massages under erotic massages. How these massages are different if you may ask, well, first and foremost, different techniques are applied for each massage. Under Erotic massages come three different types, which are:

  • Sensual Massage
  • Slippery Massage
  • Nuru Massage

Erotic Massage HungarySENSUAL MASSAGES:

The technique which is used in this type of massage is that the masseuse does not stretch the muscles by applying force, or gripping the body strongly, instead, this massage is done by gently caressing the body with slow and gentle strokes. 


This whole body massage involves the use of oil. The different technique used in this type of massage is that the masseuse does not only use her hands but also her entire body. It is a body to body massage which requires for her to use her chest, stomach and thigh areas to give a massage. 


Nuru massages are very common in Japan because it is a part of their culture. It is very similar to a slippery massage, as it is a body to body massage too but the difference is that the masseuse applies Nuru Gel instead of oil.  

We provide our customers with different types of massages, according to their needs and desires. We ensure the usage of good quality products and promise our clients and customers to give them with a memorable and wholesome experience in just 45 or 90 minutes.

Erotic Massage

Amazing Health Benefits Of Erotic Massage

Erotic MassageWhen it comes to erotic massages, there are a lot of misconceptions in the world. Erotic massages are all about stimulating certain points in your body that make you feel good and more importantly make you feel healthier. Many people don’t realise this but erotic massages bring a lot of health benefits to the table. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits offered by erotic massages.

Lowers Risk Of Heart Attack

One of the biggest health benefits of an erotic massage is that it helps you reduce the risk of heart attacks. It can streamline the flow of blood throughout the body thus causing your body to function way better than before.

Boosts Your Immunity

A weak immune system can make you vulnerable to different types of diseases. If your immunity system isn’t strong then you won’t be able to fight any type of infection or virus no matter how small or big. The cure of all other diseases and medical condition are dependent on your immunity system. Erotic massage can help you boost your immunity system. It can make you feel stronger and more protected from different types of diseases.

Decreases Body Aches

If you are suffering from different types of body aches especially in the back or thigh region then getting an erotic massage can help you get rid of that pain. Body aches are usually caused tensions between the muscles or when you body feels fatigued. Erotic massage can help you release that tension and make you feel less tired.

Improves Sleep

Research shows that many modern medical conditions especially in youngsters are caused by sleep deprivation. Many different factors can cause sleep related problems in people. There is a reason we are naturally inclined to sleep. It is the time our body recuperates all the energy. So when we don’t sleep well, it affects the overall functionality of our body. Erotic massage is a perfect technique that can help you sleep better which can eventually make your body function better.

Erotic MassageGets Rid of Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are two of the most common medical problems in the modern era. People suffer from stress and anxiety because of both personal and professional reasons. The corporate world is tough and people are forced to pull all nighters just to meet the short deadlines. Unfortunately many people are forced to take medication for their stress. Medication can help but it is a scientific fact, that after some time of consuming a certain medicine, people become immune to it. Thus, the medicine starts losing its effectiveness. This is where erotic massages come in. Getting an erotic massage at least once or twice a month can help you get rid of all the stress and anxiety you might have been suffering from. 

It is very important to hire the services of a professional to get an erotic massage. If you are in Budapest then you are in luck. Massage House in Budapest can help you experience the best erotic massage of your life. We offer a wide range of erotic massages that will not only make you feel good but they will also make you feel healthier.

Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage Hungary

Erotic Massage Body massages are perfect therapy to relax and for reducing all kinds of stress body massages have many health benefits such as improving blood circulation, reduces body aches, improves muscle flexibility and also reduces body and muscle cramps. Besides physical relieve, massages are also healthy for your mental health as they help you ease the tension and makes you feel relax and happy.

Massage House Budapest

Massage house is the best place to help you with that, we provide exclusive services with our variety of massage services from classic massages to erotic massages. Our staff is very well trained with the best knowledge of all kinds of massages and basic communication knowledge so you won’t have trouble communicating with them. 

At Massage house, we provide you with the best of best erotic massages, which is famous and one of the most recommended massages in entire Budapest. Our masseuses are professional andwell trained, providing you with finest erotic massage you ever had.

Erotic Massage Hungary is all about soft sensual touch rather than hardly pressing the tension points. The main purpose behind these erotic massages is to unwinding the senses of our customers with a pure gentle touch.Erotic massages might be considered as taboo, however, these massages are the best way to energize and revitalize your nerves; in fact, it also improves the sleep of a person.

It is highly recommended to use fresh fragrance oil for erotic massages instead of regular oils because the fragrance adds essence to the massage, which is very beneficial during this completely erotic relaxation therapy.

Erotic Massage Hungary

Erotic Massage Nuru Massage is a Japanese originated massage, an exotic body-to-body massage where instead of using hands the masseuse rub her body against the customer. Instead of using massage oil, a special kind of Nuru Gel is used in this massage, which makes the body slippery so it will be easy for the masseuse to easily rub her body against the customer.

Best Erotic Couple Massage

Massage house also provides the best erotic couple massages, which is the best option for date night and also helps you strengthen the tie between the couple assuring them a memorable and quality time together.

Celebrate the Best Bachelor Party

If you are looking to give your friend a perfect wedding gift with a perfect bachelor party, this is your stop. We assure you your friend will love the experience of our amazing techniques by our expert masseuse and will be super fresh on their wedding day.

Budapest Massage House is well- known massage house in Budapest, we are famous for our unique massage services and the trustworthiness our clients have on us. We provide exclusive services to all our clients with our variety of massages. You will find the best professional and cozy environment, with separate rooms instead of cabins so our customers will not feel uncomfortable. Not only locals but tourist also love to visit us because we are located far from the city hustle but easily reachable through tram or train. All things considered, if you want to feel calm and relax, erotic massage at Budapest Massage House would be glad to help you. 

Budapest Massage

Budapest Massage

Budapest MassageWhat do you expect when you go for a relaxing vacation? A nice relaxing place without the hustle and chaos of the city, a place rich with cultural ethnicity where you can never get tired of hearing stories of the things that took place there and trying out amazing cuisines. Honestly, this sounds like a perfect vacation for us. However, there this one place we can suggest if you’re looking for something more related to history and trust me you will fell in love with the capital of Hungary, Budapest, a city known for its exquisite architecture and beautiful sceneries. Amidst that, Budapest is also famous for Roman baths and massage places where you can relax and ease all the stress from your body. 

Looking For a Relaxing Massage?

There is no best therapy to relax your body than a good massage, which is necessary as well as healthy when you burden yourself with so much stress. Massage House is here to provide you with the best Budapest massage services that you have always yearned for. Our team of masseuses are very well trained and professional; providing you the best massage service you can get in Budapest.

Professional Masseuses

Budapest MassageOur masseuses are well- trained and professional, they are trained at our massage programs where they have learnt the art of Swedish, Japanese, Meridian and Shiatsu massages providing you with the best massages experience you ever had. Furthermore, there are absolutely no worries in communication; we provide our girls with the best knowledge to welcome our guests with Basic English so there would not be any hardship in communication.

Our Massage Services

Our services include classical as well as erotic massages such as Nuru massage a Japanese originated erotic massage that is done with special kind of Nuru Gel, also we provide Shiatsu, Swedish, Yumeiho as well as couple massage services, which is an excellent date night idea and perfect way of relaxing together. The duration of our massage is in 45 or 90 minutes. Our menu is riched with every massage service you can ask for from classic body massages to slippery or nuru, there is wholesome variety and we assure you will not be disappointed by that. 

Our Location

We are located away from all the city chaos but easily accessible just 5 minutes away from the Nyugati West Railway Station; you can easily take a tube or tram to reach us. Our parlour is exclusively designed with an exquisite interior that itself gives soothing and cosy vibes when you step your foot in, also there are separate rooms for every massage client so you will comfortable and easy to enjoy your services. 

There is absolutely nothing to worry about the cleanliness, we make sure that our place us 100% clean and hygienic and our masseuses are tested before the training program just to be sure that they don’t have any kind of infectious disease, so do not worry about that you will be in good hands.

We believe in providing quality, healthy massages to our precious customers from experts within economical prices, our erotic massages are famous, and one of the most recommended in Budapest. Trust us and you won’t regret it!

Body massage

Body to body massage in Budapest!

Body massage History and tradition fill every corner of Budapest. A city with a lot more to offer other than great historical stories and beautiful landscapes! Culturally and historically rich, Budapest is one of the most visited cities in the world. With more than 1000 years of history, this city is home to some of the most hauntingly beautiful Roman ruins, caves, Museums and galleries. The city of lights comes alive at night, buzzing with life. Opera House, Hungarian food, castles, markets, coffeehouses and architecture are some things you should look forward to in Budapest. It has something for everyone. From history to art, this city offers you the chance to explore it all.

Being a tourist in another city can get super exhausting. You’re visiting all these new places every day, roaming around huge markets and landscapes to explore what Budapest is all about. It can easily get very tiring. But lucky for you, Budapest is also known to be home to the best massage parlor in the city. The Massage House is your go-to place if you ever need to relax and distress. It’s quite popular amongst tourists as they always visit the parlor once during their trip. Its located 5 minutes away from the Nyugati Railway Station which is very convenient for people to find. The exclusivity of the place is the first thing people notice as soon as they enter.

The perfect place to relax at 

The staff warmly welcomes you inside and makes you comfortable enough so you can relax. They are professionally trained to employ customer care principles while they work. The all-female staff is highly qualified when it comes to doing their best. They know what they’re doing and they keep up with new trends and techniques as well. They put their whole focus on providing the best customer service anyone can receive. The staff is taught to pay attention and listen attentively to the concerns of the customer so they can handle them accordingly. 

The rooms at Massage House

Body massageThere are 11 different rooms for the customers at the Massage House. Each room is big, spacious, and neat and has different themes and origins to ensure customers get a full experience.  Each room is designed differently and each of them carries an essence of a different culture. This parlor is very popular with couples who like to relieve stress together. These rooms are specially designed with such a modern interior to ensure that all our customers have a luxurious and comfortable experience.

Body to body massage 

We offer many different types of massages but our body to body massage is the most popular due to its benefits. Special infused oils are used to help improve blood circulation, flexibility, stiffness and sleep cycle. These oils have the power to help you relax and distress peacefully and experience tranquility within minutes. The techniques used in this massage are known to relieve stress and eliminate fatigue. We believe our strong work ethic and dedication to providing the best customer experience is what makes us quite popular in Budapest.

Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage Budapest

Erotic Massage What is the best thing you can experience while your stay at Budapest? Go to the pub, have some drinks, experience the exotic nightlife of Budapest or go sightseeing and take a tour of the city’s most exquisite architectures. Well, you can do this and much more in the city but after all the tourist experience all you look for some time to relax, well worry not because you are in the right place.

Budapest is famous for its Roman baths, thermal baths and massage parlours. You can have an amazing experience to relax after all-night partying. Massages are not just for your body but also the soul, it helps you loosen all the stress knots within your body and from your mind. And if you want to experience a wonderful massage experience Budapest Massage House is your ultimate stop.


The Best Massage House in Budapest

We offer classic massage service as well as erotic massage Budapest, which is very well famous and most recommended massage in Budapest. Our professional and experienced masseuse, certified from our Massage program, do all the services providing the most erotic massage experience. 

Massage house services include several types of erotic massage, which provide you an extraordinary experience of erotica. If you want to experience areal erotic massage, an amazing combination of Tantra massage and Erotic massage, Massage House Budapest is the best place for you.

Nevertheless, the massages will indeed give you the best experience but our place is exquisitely design and decorated, which itself will give the cosy and soothing vibes. Also, there is absolutely nothing to worry about the hygiene and cleanliness at our place, we are particular about the hygiene and all the health factors this why our masseuse goes through a strict process of a medical test before joining our team.   


Must try Massage

Erotic Massage We have a wide range of erotic massages you can try any massage service you want and our correspondence will also be there to help you choose the best suitable service but honestly, in either way you will not be disappointed.  

Our must-try massage range includes, Nuru Massage, a different kind of erotic massage originated from Japan where a masseuse uses her whole body instead of hands to rub against the client. In Nuru Massage instead of using oil, we use Nuru Gel, which is much more slippery than an ordinary massage oil. If you want to try a slippery massage, Nuru Massage is best for you. 

You can also gift erotic massage service to your to-be-hitched friend as bachelor party gift so he would be relaxed and fresh on his wedding day. We also offer exclusive couple erotic massage service where a couple can experience a great massage experience together, which will help them to strengthen their bond and it can be an ideal date night option for you, where all you want to do is relax together.

There is no place in Budapest where you can find a good erotic massage but Massage house ensures you that you will be in good hands. Do visit us and you won’t be disappointed.  

Nuru massage

Nuru massage in Budapest

Nuru massageBudapest is a city rooted in tradition and history. This city is known as the mini Paris of Europe. It’s a city which has a lot to offer. Rich with culture and more than a thousand years of history, it is one of the most popular cities visited by tourists. It’s known to be home to the most popular places in the world. Galleries, Museums, ruins, and caves are the highlight of this city. Anyone who is an admirer of nature and architecture will easily fall in love with Budapest. With lights flashing every second of every hour in every corner of Budapest, it’s simply a city buzzing with life. Antique bookstores, flea markets, small coffee houses, huge castles, churches, and beautiful sculptures, and architectures; this is what Budapest is all about.

It has people visiting every corner of the world. It’s a city that is on the list of every tourist. Apart from all the amazing sightseeing tourists can explore here, this city has the best massage parlors in the country. Roaming around and exploring can get super exhausting. The best stress reliever would be to visit the Massage House. It is currently the most popular massage parlor for all the right reasons. Sited at a very easy and convenient location for tourists, It’s almost a 5-minute distance from the Nyugati (West) Railway station. Many people even travel long distances to experience what the buzz is about. It’s quite popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

What makes Massage House different from others? 

Nuru massage Like other massage parlors in the city, the place isn’t at all congested.  The vibe of the place strongly attracts you as soon as you enter and the warm welcome you receive at the reception speaks a lot about the exclusivity and professionalism of the parlor. They have an all-female staff which is highly qualified when it comes to the work they do. Customer care is their first priority and they make sure they pay attention to every concern of the customer.

The staff is proficient to implement different techniques and methods associated with different types of massages. For your comfort, we have over 11 different rooms, including rooms for couples as well. Each room is spacious, thematic and neat. The hygienic conditions are excellent to ensure customers leave with a good experience.


The Nuru massage

There are several types of massages that we offer at the Massage House. Each session can last up to 45 or 90 minutes depending on the type of massage and requirements of the customers. The most famous massage that people from all over the world come to experience is ‘The Nuru massage’. This massage comes directly from Japanese culture. A special type of gel called the Nuru gel is used in this specific massage. This gel helps a lot in distressing the body and eliminating toxins. This massage improves blood circulation, loosens muscle stiffness and relaxes the whole body within minutes. Different techniques and methods are used by our staff to ensure proper relaxation of muscles and the body.