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Nuru massage – Budapest Everyone deserves a day for relaxing after hours of work. Be it working men and women or stay at home parent, relaxing of the mind and body is important. If you live in the vicinity of Budapest then this might be your lucky day. Nuru massage Budapest of soothing your muscles and body.

Massage house can provide a very thorough and calming Nuru massage at Budapest. The actual location is not in the city center among the hustling and bustling of the city. Rather the parlour is some 5 minutes from the Nyugati railway station. you can use a tram or a tube to access the parlour at your own convenience.

What is a Nuru massage?

Nuru massage has been in the Japanese culture. The main purpose of Nuru massage, like any other massage, is to relax your body. The star of this massage is the Nuru gel which is a slippery gel. It has a slippery feel whose smoothness enhances the already extraordinary massage experience. The gel is specifically for the massage and is about 100% natural raw material. Moreover, it is water-based so that only a shower will be necessary to wash the gel of. It is unlike the oil blends that other massages need which can be a bit difficult to remove.

The technique of the Nuru massage is somewhat like the slippery massage. The biggest difference is the Nuru gel which provides so much more slip that any oil can provide.

How does the massage happen?

The preparation plays an important part to set the mood for the massage. what better to get you relaxed than nice soft music and dim lights.

The designs of the massage rooms are to provide the kind of atmosphere that is soothing by being there. The atmosphere is intimate in the dimly lit room with soft and soothing music in the background. To further make the room appealing, the use of incense and some candles are very much necessary. This would create a perfect intimate atmosphere. Now the only thing needed is for the masseuse to work their magic.

For the massage, the masseuse mixes Nuru gel and water and warmed up to a nice hot mixture. the temperature of the gel is monitored so that the gel is only hot enough to relax the body but not burn it.

Massage house

Nuru MassageMassage House, near the Nyugati railway station, provides exclusive soothing massages. These massages have a very positive effect on a person’s health. The parlour provides female masseuses for a 45 or a 90 minutes massage. the designs of the massage rooms are for relaxing and destressing yourself.

If you have been thinking of something to do as a couple, you can try out the Nuru massage. If a friend has a bachelor party coming up, you can gift the massage or recommend it to them.


If you need a relaxing day either by yourself or with your significant other, you can visit massage house for a relaxing nuru massage at Budapest.

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