Massage types


You can choose from the following massage types in our parlor

Sensual massage by professional erotic masseuses.

Sensual massage

Sensual massage is a type of massage technique when the masseuse or masseur isn’t only concentrating on the strong grips. It is rather filled with soft, caressing touches in a slow tempo, giving a really intimate sensation. The massaged areas can be extended to erogenous zones where even a light touch can be felt. These erogenous zones include body parts such as earlobes, the insides of thighs and any other erogenous zones found on the human body. Sensual massage can be less erotic or can have a very erotic charge. It all depends on the connection between the masseuse and her guest, the mood and the environment.


Slippery massage

Slippery massage is basically an oily massage. It’s difference from the other massage types is that the masseuse doesn’t only use her hands, but her whole body – mostly breasts, bottom, thighs and the areas near the stomach. During the slippery massage, the masseuse oils the body of her guest then her own. It is followed by slipping on the guest in different positions using her body in a massaging way. This is the reason why slippery massage is often called body-to-body (b2b) massage. While this massage type has a lot of erotic charge it is strictly not a sex massage.


Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a lot like slippery massage. We can say, that Nuru is a word that has been taken from an oriental language that has been mostly used as a marketing catch by a porn film and a massage gel company. The only difference between the nuru massage and the body to body massage is that while the slippery massage uses massage oil, the nuru massage uses a trademarked gel, called Nuru Gel. You can learn more about Nuru Massage on this page.

lingam erotic massage illustration picture

Lingam massage

Lingam or Lingham massage is basically the direct massage of the penis and the area, such as testicles. This can first be seen as an everyday thing, but Tantra offers many moves that wouldn’t normally come to the mind of our partner. Apart from lingam offering a high sexual sensation, it most definitely isn’t only about sexuality. Many studies and therapies show that lingam massage can be used as treatment for premature ejaculation, impotence or even sterility. This is why we consider lingam massage to be more of a therapeutic massage than an erotic massage. In today’s world, thousands of men suffer from some sort of sexual problem, while many of them don’t even think that a few lingam massage therapy sessions can solve their problem.



The erotic massage incorporates various massage techniques. However, at our salon, it has absolutely nothing to do with  any kind of sexual service or offer! This type of program focuses on sensuous stroking, ensuring that you can totally relax and switch off from your hectic everyday routine. A warm infusion of pure natural oil is delicately introduced to your body which seeps into your pores as your Masseuse kneads and massages your physical stress and tensions away. Explore the sensations that flow through the core of your body and make you enter a realm of deep relaxation. Massage thrives in warmth and privacy with smooth music, candlelight, and scented oils – soothing you into a state of inner calm and pure relaxation. These massages are designed to release your stress and daily tension. It allows you to experience the power of touch and feel pampered by another human being.


Yoni massage

Yoni massage is an erotic massage type where the customer is a woman. The basis of Yoni massage is the combination of soft, light touches and caresses with special focus on the erogenous zones – of which we know there is a lot more on the woman’s body than on men. Mostly done with a lovely scented massage oil, Yoni massage covers the whole body. There are many massage oils made specifically for Yoni, all are made and carefully chosen for an incredible experience. This massage type can also cover intimate areas but its goal is not to wake the subject’s sexual desire but to give an extraordinary massage experience.


Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a really special type of massage. The prostate is the part of the male penis, located under the urinary tube. The massage procedure is done via the rectum of the subject. From their mid thirties, all types of men suffer from prostate-related issues, many of which has bladder symptoms. Regular prostate massage can help these problems, since by massaging it, the blood flow increases while deposits of roughage gets released, helping to reduce the swelling. Prostate massage combined with the massage of the penis can also give the subject an orgasm, but not one that he is used to. Many people swear by it, since it is more intensive.


Erotic massage for couples

Our erotic massage for couples is a very good way to spice up your relationship. You can either have one or two masseuses with you. During the treatment, both you and your partner will receive from the soft touches and moves. It’s also a good idea to remember some of these moves as they can be a pleasant surprise at home. Please note, that our couple’s erotic massage is only an erotic massage, not a sexual four-way! It’s the perfect present for an anniversary or Valentine’s day. An erotic massage like this can improve your sexual life with your significant other. It can introduce new things to your lovelife, even if it’s a long term relationship or a new romance.


Tantra massage

Tantra massage, also called ‘the massage of the senses’ is when instead of strong, muscle-relaxing moves, the masseuse uses soft, gentle touches. Your senses will be reborn, guaranteeing a special experience for men and women as well. Tantra massage is like someone would caress your soul. It’s an ideal choice for those who need to find their inner self that gets buried deep down during stressful days.


We offer the follwoing massage types to our guests, put together in a special combination of ours.

yumeiho massage


Yumeiho is the main massage technique of our parlor. It originates in Japan in the 17th century. Back then, it was used in monasteries as a part of a kung-fu technique Its primary role is to treat muscle fixation and aggregates. This technique is a strong but painless massage, a soft and deep massage therapy.


Shiatsu is also a Japanese massage. It is utilizing pressure point techniques, which roots are originated from acupuncture treatments. The masseuse follows the meridian lines of the body with finger presses. This can help reduce pain in some areas and reduce swelling.



Swedish massage is probably the most known massage type in western countries, which consists mostly of stong moves. It’s also a perfect refreshing massage if done more lightly. Can be excellently used to treat cramps, pain, and the improvment of the circulatory system. Contrary to the traditions, our masseuses do not massage on massage beds, but on tatamis, of course with moves that are safe on that.



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